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“The illusion goes beyond mere tricks..."

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André Garré



-Stages in the USA, SPAIN, MEXICO, COLOMBIA, ECUADOR, PANAMÁ, COSTA RICA, ARUBA, VENEZUELA, and other venues are a testament to his quality.

-Numerous performances in corporate and social events highlight his multiple presentation formats and one of a kind illusions, energy and entertainment in every show.

-He is a recurring guest in Prime-Time TV programs. His frequent consultancy in the advertising world, film productions and theatrical productions is another asset of this great artist.

-ANDRÉ GARRÉ, unlike traditional magicians, is known for his hard work and research, his unequaled technique, the integration of the public into his illusions and his relaxed style. These qualities make him a "ONE MAN SHOW" that encompasses originality, elegance and friendliness.

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ÍNTIMO (Close up Magic)

ÍNTIMO, performed just inches from the audience, is offered in two formats that are appropriate for all types of events. In this unique performance, directed to a select group of people, ANDRÉ GARRÉ exhibits his most exclusive and entertaining illusions designed specifically for this distinctive format.

ÍNTIMO combines interaction mystery, magic, laughter and countless, direct and powerful emotions garnished with the friendliness and incredible skill of this talented magician.

-Walk Around Format

-Table Show Format

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INCÓGNITAS (Parlour Magic Show)

Recognized as the most trivial staging of ANDRÉ GARRÉ, this entertaining show is described as a pleasant challenge for smart individuals, who completely immerse themselves in this delightful presentation.


It's an organic show, full of essence and intrigue. ANDRÉ GARRÉ will make the spectators doubt all logic, the audience will join and become part of all the experiences and illusions, thus collapsing the well-known theatrical "Fourth Wall", creating a risky but necessary touch of disbelief, suspense and special challenge to the show. Make sure that everybody talks about INCÓGNITAS at your next event.

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CONJUROS (Theater Magic Show)

One of the most successful shows of this artist, where the most incredible and inexplicable illusions are combined with lights, music, live video projections and more. ANDRÉ GARRÉ performs different styles of magic, creating unparalleled entertainment on the stage.

CONJUROS offers a spectacular, varied, modern, entertaining, dynamic and above all highly participatory show, offering a thematic surprise with an unexpected grand finale that will surprise everybody and create unparalleled excitement in the most demanding audiences.





ESCAMOTEOS is a residential magic show that is presented weekly in the city of Miami, recreated in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, the show is the perfect meeting of surprises, laughter and mysteries, a show that contains a meticulous selection of the most intriguing illusions and routines designed so that the viewer integrates and is part of the different solutions to the magical-logical conflicts that arise, ESCAMOTEOS is magic, storytelling, laughter, drama and a lot of astonishment, the exchange of actions and decisions with the audience is They weave together in such a way that the audience goes from a usual "SPECTATOR" to a true "SPECTATOR-ACTOR" .

Get ready to see the memories, dreams, doubts and mysteries that have inspired this great illusionist come to light in a key of illusionism. (Show in Spanish language)

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5703 NW, 84th Ave, Doral

FL. 33166

Phone: +1 (786) 387 6009

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   Phone: +1(786) 609 40 69

Thank you!

Andre Garre Final II.png
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